An Indefinite Optimist trying to become a Definite Optimist…

Born and raised in China (until 18) and living in New York City, I love all things technology & start-up related, in particular consumer internet, FinTech, and data-driven businesses. I am always on the lookout for the next personal and professional growth opportunity.

Since 2012, I have been involved in three start-ups. In Spring 2012, I co-founded an investment education and information services business (discontinued). In Fall 2014, I helped launch an Internet of Things / e-commerce start-up in Silicon Valley, helping close $1M in angel/VC funding in 23 days. In Summer 2015, I traveled to Fiji Islands to consult SPBD Microfinance, a Whole Foods Foundation backed micro-finance institution, on starting a new micro life-insurance company.After returning from Fiji in late August 2015, I joined TIAA in the Office of the CEO, focusing on corporate strategy and development.

Previously, I spent almost six years in technology strategy consulting at Accenture and corporate development at Capital IQ, and had brief stints in investment research on the buyside. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to gain this diverse set of experience, which enables me to analyze opportunities as an investor, solve problems as an entrepreneur, and communicate strategically as a consultant.

I am a student of Charlie Munger’s idea of worldly wisdom and am on a life-long journey to seek new wisdom, perspectives, meaningful life experiences and human connections.